“I can change your perspective.”

This is a claim from an ad I opened recently, a New Age lucid dreaming program, an ad in an email I subscribe to (Brain power something). Pretty silly, but I did only read over it for about a minute.

I left my job/got fired about a month ago, and decided to move from here in NYC to Utah at about the same time. Since then my perspective has changed in regards to this place. I think this is interesting.

The things that I used to put up with easily became gigantic nuisances once I no longer assumed I had to put up with them- the pushiness of crowds, people’s odd public behavior, all that city stuff that, as a suburban transplant, I never REALLY got used to.
It’s suprising to me, a little embarassing, and also interesting. I changed my perspective by changing where I plan to live, and a lot of my experiences changed as a result. In one way, it’s very common-sense. In another, I feel like I’m floating in subjectivity- my ideas about what was acceptable, what was good for me, an enjoyable or annoying experience have shifted a lot. Just now I was walking around my neighborhood, thinking “This is so like my neighborhood, these people, the Russian barbershop I used to go to, the laundromat,” my mind full of nostalgia before I’d even left.


About jakekarlins

Aspiring writer and artist, dharma practitioner, yogi.

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