1. The Ritual Life

2. What is Mindfulness?

3. Body Practice for Meditators, Meditation for Yogis

4. Shamanism vs. Buddhism

5. The Nature of Mind, the Natural World

6. Impermanence

7. Karma

8. Misconceptions about this strange term “egolessness”

9. The Bardo

10. Energy and Space

11. The Gap, and what happens therein

12. Basic sanity vs. insanity

13. Speed and slowness

14. Living in sacred world- does this mean believing in ghosts?

15. What is enlightenment?

16. What is Western Buddhism? What are obstacles, and promises?

17. Pilgrimage and place

18. Why do Buddhist tend to talk about rebirth so much? Why should we care about rebirth?

19. Mindfulness and awareness

20. How do I help?


About jakekarlins

Aspiring writer and artist, dharma practitioner, yogi.

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