1. I tell the first teacher that I want to start teaching yoga and dharma. He seems unsupportive at first. Then I ask for his advice on teaching and he seems more friendly. He says that there are three things I should remember. I can’t remember all three. I know that the first two were:

Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know when someone asks you a question.

If you don’t know, ask them ‘Would like me to answer a different question?’

I think the third point had to do with not being pulled along by the social momentum that sometimes goes with a class (person A is popular and well-respected, person B is regarded as mean, person C is seen by many as a show-off, etc.). I think he talked about not buying into this. I’m not sure though, the first two points were much clearer.

2. In the second dream, I was at a teaching by DKYR. It was not quite a talk, not quite an empowerment. He was standing before the small audience, almost performing or dancing although he was not moving around a whole lot. I noticed that I should take a seat somewhere and sat very close to him. It was too brilliant and I had to move, which I did quickly. Soon after, I remember him pouring a vase of water on my head- lots of water. I was sputtering for air. He said something almost like ‘relax’ and then I was able to relax and didn’t have trouble with the flow of water going over my face.

These are two dreams I’ve had recently. I consider myself lucky to have had them. They are recollected here to the best of my knowledge although they are foggier now than when I had them.


About jakekarlins

Aspiring writer and artist, dharma practitioner, yogi.

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  1. What a great dream to have. You are your own wise teacher.

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