I own two volumes of the collected works of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Periodically I read through them, sometimes just parts, sometimes from cover to cover. Recently I worked my way through volume six, which has teachings on the bardo, the feminine principle, and some other stuff.

A lot of it is way beyond my reach, which is my style, a lot of times. I seem to like going for teachings that aren’t really graspable, getting a taste of the “advanced” material. Trungpa Rinpoche work, about 90% of it, I think, is edited transcripts of teachings he gave to groups of his students. A lot of his books have records of question and answer periods, which are sometimes mystifying, baffling, embarassing, helpful.

One has been in my head recently- a student asks him about resistance to practice, to meditating, and he basically says that resistance means you are either pushing yourself too far or not far enough.

Somewhat based on that I started meditating more in my daily practice, practicing for longer. Nothing spectacular, about an hour for my morning session. I should say that this was also based on the recommendation of a teacher I emailed (asking if I could start deity yoga).

Enough about the details of my practice. Resistance means pushing yourself too far or not far enough. How do you know the difference? Is it usually obvious? Can you usually tell when you’ve applied yourself too much to a project or practice?


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Aspiring writer and artist, dharma practitioner, yogi.

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