“While space around objects may seem appropriate, necessary and restful, space within objects may appear a little bewildering. And space considered by itself may appear meaningless, or perhaps even forbidding.” Tarthang Tulku, Time, Space, and Knowledge

One thing this excerpt highlights is that ‘space’ as some sort of relief from the sometimes constrictive solidity of ‘things’ makes a certain kind of sense. We can want ‘more space’, ‘need space’, appreciate the beauty of a ‘space’. This approach probably has tons of potential, and is used in TSK, and elsewhere. But we’re asked to go beyond this, too. And this going beyond, is part and parcel of space. And this confusing, or frightening aspect is also connected to space. Spaces between things can be frightening. A conversation with long spaces is often anxiety-producing (at least for me). I’ve ready many descriptions of respected teachers, and along with descriptions of the ‘vastness’ or ‘spaciousness’ of their minds, there’s also lots of description of how forbidding that space can be.

In the text, Rinpoche writes that space by itself is hard to imagine or understand, and this is due to our usual emphasis on things. I’m not sure that I agree completely, but it seems like a fair enough argument.

Next, we go further into trying to see if space can somehow be fundamental. This is an important point in the theory. Just as with the feminine principle, space is not just the complement of form. Space is more basic somehow. I will have to work on that one, how it is that space is not just the partner of form, energy, time.

So I will leave it there for now.


Quotes used with permission from Dharma Publishing.



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