“Space alive has the flavor of desire fulfilled yet not sated, like an ongoing embrace. It offers knowledge directly, not known by the mind, or presented to the mind, but simply available within what appears, as its appearance.” Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Time and Space


In certain moments, with good friends, or where life seems to be reaching some kind of fruition, or somehow there’s just a beauty “in the air,” you feel good. Things even make a kind of sense.

As practitioners, our goal is not to just “improve”- our lives, the world, our experience, our skills at various things. At the same time, joy and fulfillment are said by some reliable people to be part of the path. A lot of times, these seem to come and go with the weather, or the calendar. It can be very very hard to predict or do much to influence the arising and disappearing of happiness, joy, or an open heart.

But I think practicing and studying and seeking some guidance make us more susceptible. We’re more likely to be infected that way, by happiness or goodness.

To me, tonight has something of that feeling. It’s the eve of a new lunar year. Although TSK does not at all propose learning astrology, or finding ways to use your calendar, I see it as part of my practice right now. Anyway, tonight feels energetic and mostly pleasant to me.

Back to the quote- this is from another TSK book, and fits into the category of what I’d call “fruitional” chapters (within a vision that is in itself fruitional, communicating elements of what it’s like to be awakened). That is to say, the particular chapter describes aspects of becoming awake (aliveness, fulfillment).

Another thing it does is describe knowledge and space interacting. This is one other way the TSK thing seems to work: taking the elements, time, space, and knowledge, and making them dance, making them interact like chemicals in a flask.

So it seems like it would be possible to, as an experiment talk about each of the elements from different interactive perspectives:

1. Space as time, space as space, space as knowledge.

2. Time as time, time as space, time as knowledge.

3. Knowledge as knowledge, knowledge as space, knowledge as time.

This definitely oversimplifies, to the point of being a little deceptive, because the discussion would not play out this simply or in this linear a fashion. Still, I think it would be kind of fun.

That means that my mind is a certain kind of thing(it enjoys and even finds comfort in systems and logics like these). I’m trying here to connect this to the title, which was randomly/auspiciously chosen. It has to do with what I’m watching on TV.

If the binary relates to space/form… then the v could be… the meeting of two points in a strange way, or the almost meeting of three points- time, space, and knowledge meeting, but opening at one part.

That doesn’t seem to good to me. But I couldn’t think of anything better on the fly.


Books available from Dharma Publications. Quotes used with permission.


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Aspiring writer and artist, dharma practitioner, yogi.

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