“We need not take the ‘mind’, psycho-physical organism, or subject as fundamental.” Tarthang Tulku

So, as the title suggests this one will be brief. In this part of the  book, Rinpoche is discussing how to go past lower knowledge, in spite of the fact that there always seems to be some habitual clinging to old ways of knowing, some hangover of patterns.

The approach suggested above is radical in its way. How could one just step over the subject, the mind, everything? Can it be done in one leap? I find that  things are very gradual for me (not necessarily evenly paced, but very gradual).

Is there a weakness to the gradual approach, in that it takes such small, even careful steps in the direction of awakening? Is this approach too small minded? Is it an excuse? Maybe if I abandoned a gradual approach I could really make that one big breakthrough….

At the same time, isn’t there something deceptively careful and ordinary and  safe about the gradual approach to opening? Things do happen, changes do manifest, and all in the context of just meditating a little, studying a little, pushing just a little further.

Then again, maybe associating Rinpoche’s idea of examining and not assuming anything, be it mind, self, body, whatever, maybe connecting this to a sudden approach is unfair, not really what he is saying.

Quotes used with permission from Dharma Publishing. Books available from Dharma Publishing.


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Aspiring writer and artist, dharma practitioner, yogi.

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