As it stands, I plan on writing a blog about the idea of light in TSK. Here are preliminary notes for this.

Love of knowledge- p.35 light of knowledge/darkness of wanting

363, darkness of the “ness”

Dynamics of Time and Space- light of knowledge, xxvii

64- clarity inseparable from light

65- “thoughts awaken to the lightness of their arising”

105- this circle of light/limitations outside of knowledge

114- claims as knowledge express lightness, that is not bound by the “witness”

125- darkness of mental constriction, lacking light

134-5- unknown time and light/darkness, the play of known and unknown

138- awareness is the light

154- the lightness of our being, lightness let loose, we fuse with light

164- what does light reveal if there are no obstacles?


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Aspiring writer and artist, dharma practitioner, yogi.

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