The previous post talked about: not a lot, my own position as a writer and recycler, the idea of humans and animals.

I want this to be about Thailand, too. I’ve lived here for a bit now, over a year. In a way that’s nothing, many expats live here for years, or forever, and become very different. I think being here made me different, a little bit (and I really think I don’t want to become an expat, or a US expat in Thailand). I think most people are pretty flexible personality wise. They can and do change a lot. I think I’m a little more this way than most. My instinct is to act like others, in spite of my strong desire to be myself, and disgust at hypocrisy and lack of genuineness (in myself and others).

What is the difference between a habit-instinct that happens in the personality, and a more animal instinct?

I hope that I can pose a lot of questions without answering them well, and not seem like a complete fool. We’ll see. I’m sure a scientist could give some idea about areas of the brain involved in more “animal” decisions, and the areas involved in more personality-like decisions, areas involved in addictions. Having studied a tiny bit of this stuff off and on, I’d guess the “older” reptilian parts of the brain are involved in more animal decisions. That’s admittedly sloppy and offhand. I really am not that interested in the scientific perspective on this, at least in terms of brain.

That’s a picture of a monkey I saw.

I’m still getting used to adding photos to posts.

Is there a center of any sort to this post? No, not this one. I think animal/human can be looked at in terms of recent research on animal behavior, Buddhist ideas about the six realms, and the Shambhala teachings. I’ve been surprised by how pets are treated here, too, in this country, which has to do with a different way of seeing animals than in the developed US. (I see stories on Fox NEWS about 10000 treatments for canine cancer, horse therapy, the dog that ran away from home and was returned eight years later by a kind stranger.)— then again, there was a show on Thai TV about a couple whose dog died, and they were totally distraught, and one about a lady whose daughter died, and then a pigeon started freqenting the mom’s house, mom was convinced it was her daughter reborn, and cared for it, prayed for it, it would come and sit near her at the shrine as she prayed, so an odd attachment to animals is here too, although less so.


Really I wanted to write to keep the momentum of this going. I could feel it dropping off. I find that with a project you have to keep that momentum going.

My time is almost up here at the internet place. Not sure how to make this more than it is now… overall I think humans and animals are part of a big spectrum and that animal intelligence is still getting explored and opened up- the obvious issue is that mistakes and insanity get labeled as animal, if not evil, but then animals seem to have some innate capacities for not only higher intelligence, but compassion and sympathy, helping others. This leaves the question almost back at square one- how different, then, are animals and humans? Some animals could be better humans, and vice versa.


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