Once again space ends. Here’s a beautiful mandala/magical charm from the Nyingma tradition.

Adi buddha mandala, “liberation through wearing”


“I’ll end with some ways Rinpoche describes Great Space:

-although it seems different from our normal way of life, those considerations don’t exist in Great Space

– at the same time, concepts and distinctions are not barred from Great Space or excluded from it

– it is not a condition, it is not a thing, and it is not separate from lower space…” Intro to TSK

Space is not separate from things, not different from things, but also not a thing or condition.

There’s something both magical and logical about this (in the logical style of madhyamika logic).

I’m slogging through right now, to finish this project before I relocate (and plan to get busier with a new job, hopefully very soon). That means that I’ve gotten a little bored with the subject as I’ve written this, which is interesting, I think, because it is positive in an odd way- when the supernatural or surreal becomes so mundane as to be boring, something is happening. Magic is becoming ordinary, a little bit.

Surreal- I had this little daydream yesterday about talking to an old teacher of mine, him saying something was “very surreal”… from there my mind went off- “very surreal… impossible, but perfect- that is how things are, not just real, not even surreal, but very surreal.”



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