from “Transcending Madness,” Trungpa Rinpoche

TR: In terms of ego, it seems that space and time are very solid. In terms of awake experience, the time concept is very loose. In other words, in terms of ego, there’s only one center and radiation from it; in terms of beyond ego, center is everywhere and radiation is everywhere. It’s not one center, but it is all-pervading.

Student: Is it a particular trick of ego to see things in terms of time?

TR: In the ordinary sense of ego, there’s very little understanding of time. Ego’s understanding of time is purely based on desire, what you would like to see, what you would like to develop.


“Everywhere you look, his transparent body is there…” Sadhana of Mahamudra, Trungpa Rinpoche

I’m writing this as I listen to a talk given by Reggie Ray, one of the Vidyadhara’s foremost students. I feel simultaneously that these teachings, the wisdom teachings of Trungpa Rinpoche, are expanding incredibly vastly throughout the world, and that they’re really unknown, nobody outside of the relatively secret world of Tibetan Buddhism has looked at them- even within Tibetan Buddhism, his work is not well known, not as much as it could be.

This very short post has only really one of my own ideas or spins in it- that there is an “awake” experience of time and space. Specifically, since I’m writing mostly about time in this section, there is an awake experience of time. That is not normally what I experience, or most people experience. But it is there. That’s the idea.


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  1. Time is an illusion! Just like dimensionalities, time is a restriction. Because of our perceptual attachment to time with our time in our physical bodies, we are filtering ourselves away that time is in fact *just* another dimension.

    Buddha has transcended all of that – and surpassed the highest realms of even astral travelling / out-of-body experiences with the Astral Body. He has learnt to Let Go, to remove all thought, desire, attachment, longing… and definitely suffering. In that way, the Ego is released, and the Mind receives Enlightenment. That is the Deathless State beyond both the Material and Immaterial Jhanas.

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