Here ends the time section, pretty much (until I revise it, add some poetry, and repost the entire thing!).

(Dorje Trollo via Aro Encyclopedia)


And! I have only about ten minutes left at this internet cafe to write this! Somehow I hope time will comply with me, and let me write this decently.

The quote above talks about contextualizing, and space around definitions, I guess as reinforcing habitual patterns. So this is pretty straightforward I think. Defining, understanding, and contextualizing very easily leads to confirming and shoring up in ways that deny groundlessness. That’s a hopeless battle essentially, but it’s still one fought constantly throughout the world, and one with bad fallout.

But what I wanted to do, in lieu of wrapping up time, was to write about vocabulary and definitions. This is a nice way into the TSK vision. Just like VCTR, Tarthang Tulku uses language in a poetic and idiosyncratic way to illuminate.

Body- things behave together as an organization, in ways that seem magical, together

Transmit- the exchange of information, or maybe even space, which can happen in either positive or negative ways

Construct- an artificial idea (usually of time, space or knowledge)

Dynamic- the movement and flow of something

Arising- similar to dynamic, but emphasizing how something appears or comes into awareness

Ness- This is added unconventionally to many words, and eventually gets its own word, for quality itself, maybe for suchness, the “ness”

Logos, prerecorded, pressure….

No time to finish this… Oh well! Next time. Now for a nice picture.


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