Well, this series is almost done. I’ll be editing it and reposting with a little new art, and some poetry.

When I moved to Thailand, I brought a bunch of books with me. I’m glad I did, it’s very hard to find English language books here. One of the books I brought was actually a sort of old journal from three years ago. I have been studying Tarthang Tulku’s TSK theory for about five years now, I think. At one point, I set out to try many of a the meditations he sets out.

I’ve avoided writing about this area of TSK.

I do meditate every day. However, my practice is 90% Buddhist (not TSK) at this point, so I don’t feel qualified to explain TSK practices. I also never received them in person, and this quality of transmission is important. Still, I did try a bunch out, and wrote about my experiences. Nothing incredible or breakthrough-type there, mostly personal and small experiences. They will be familiar, I think to people who’ve tried meditating before, though. So I’ll share a number of those notes here.

Also, these were written often on the subway in NYC, going to and from work, or on weekends. In the first one I mention people sitting next to me, so that’s why- I was meditating (eyes closed) on the subway.


“When I think of someone sitting next to me, often (?) I get a flash of an image of the first time I saw them, or the most recent time I saw them clearly- this gets layered over present-moment experience.”

“Often I try to classify people by types very quickly…”

“…songs and repeating phrases…”

“How do states arise? A judgement is made- pleasant, unpleasant, neutral- and then thoughts come up and a physical feeling goes along with it- if the feeling gets strong enough we say an emotion has arisen.”

“different voices- are they ‘heard’? are visual memories ‘seen’?”

“tension as connected to ‘temporal structures’ based on concerns- seems to be about standards and expectations.”

“being unable to think of what to do? to form a clear intention?”



“How does this work free of ‘context’?”

That’s the last one for today. Wonderfully vague and general. I love abstraction.

I’ll also include the subheadings for the meditations. By the way, I think these practices come from the book “Love of Knowledge” by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche (Dharma Publishing).

Here are some of the subheadings:

Being of Knowledge

Open Space Dimension

Momentum of Time

Knowing Through Space


I really like the titles and headings in TSK books, and think they can often communicate more than my own wordy and intellectual mulling overs.


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